SkyHawk Telematics is a leading provider of in-vehicle mobile software solutions for commercial and government fleets. The SkyHawk philosophy and integrated technical architecture supports multifunctional tablets and mobile devices which deliver powerful and regulatory compliant solutions. Furthermore SkyHawk in-vehicle software solutions are designed to be platform and operating system agnostic and to interoperate with other software applications including GIS/ESRI solutions.

All SkyHawk in-vehicle software solutions synchronize with our Connect Anywhere cloud based monitoring system to provide real-time, consolidated data access and operation visibility.

SkyHawk in-vehicle solutions include the following:

  • Electronic Driver Logs / Hours-of-Service (HoS)
  • Commercial Pre-Trip Inspection Logs
  • Navigation
    • GPS Guidance
    • Live Mapping
    • Route Selection
    • Points of Interest (POI)
    • Dispatch
  • DriverID (via tablet login credentials, HID card (RFID), iButton)
  • Speed Notifications – Based on posted road speed
    • In-vehicle driver notifications
    • Management alerts via emal/SMS
  • Driver Safety – Disables all tablet input capabilities upon vehicle movement
  • High Speed Internet Connections (WiFi / Ethernet)
  • Provision of tablet mount solutions and custom mount designs
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