SkyHawk Explosives Monitoring Unit (EMU)

The SkyHawk Explosives Monitoring Unit (EMU) is a Federally compliant, two way satellite-based security monitoring system for explosive assets. The solution was engineered specifically for industries that use and store explosive materials such as mining, construction forestry, security, oil and gas, and pyrotechnics. The SkyHawk EMU allows 2-way communication with explosive magazines through a secure website.

The solution is easy to install and sends alerts directly to your computer or mobile device via Email/SMS. The system will log and report all access attempts by approved and non-approved individuals, detect break-ins,and alarm on non-approved attempts. The SkyHawk EMU can monitor and log up to two unique doors on the standard system and four unique doors when the optional secondary magazine hardware is purchased. These advanced features positions Blue Oceans as the technical leader for Explosive Magazine Monitoring systems in North America.

The SkyHawk EMU is Federally Compliant for the monitoring of Explosives Magazines, and has received approval from the Canadian Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) Directive Letter 61

The SkyHawk EMU also provides legal compliance for the following:

Canadian Department of Justice – Criminal Code – Chapter C-46 “Dangerous Substances” Sections 79 & 80

  • Pertains to the “Duty of care” regarding possession or care of explosive materials
  • Penalties include sentences as severe as imprisonment for life

SkyHawk Mobile Monitoring System (MMS)

The SkyHawk Mobile Monitoring System (MMS) is a cost effective, reliable, compact and rugged satellite based mobile monitoring system for dangerous goods and high valued assets. Designed specifically for the monitoring of explosive transport vehicles, wireline trucks, railcars and mobile cargo containers the SkyHawk MMS can provide notification of unauthorized equipment access.

The SkyHawk MMS is a federally approved, complete monitoring solution offering satellite communication and web based software that works almost anywhere in the world. The solution is easy to install and sends alerts directly to your computer or mobile device via Email/SMS, ensuring a high level of security and safety, and reducing the need for manual check-ups.

The SkyHawk MMS provides regulatory compliance required to maintain Explosives Transportation Permits. It meets the standards for the following regulations:

Canadian Department of Justice – Explosives Act – CRC c.599 Part VI Section 63

  •  Pertains to the requirement for an “anti-theft system” for all vehicles used in the storage and/or transportation of explosive materials


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