SkyHawk Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS)

SkyHawk – Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) are reliable and cost competitive satellite solutions for vessel monitoring and fleet tracking. The SkyHawk VMS provides data services with integrated GPS positioning and two-way text communications that link commercial fishing vessel operators to our a web-based monitoring center and government monitoring centres and also to your loved ones.

The SkyHawk VMS transmits real-time GPS location monitoring data over the satellite network to a government-based tracking office, providing maritime authorities with the ability to monitor the location of commercial fishing vessels operating in regulated waters. If a vessel is found to be in restricted waters, then it is contacted with an appropriate message or instructions. The SkyHawk VMS also has a display terminal to allow ship crews to send and receive messages and weather reports to the monitoring centre and other contacts.

We offer two variations of the SkyHawk – VMS which are tailored to the specific requirements and cost concerns of both large and small vessels: The SkyHawk VMS & the SkyHawk VMS Simplex.

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