SkyHawk Telematics’ wildlife monitoring solutions include animal collar monitoring and capture monitoring solutions.

The SkyHawk – Capture Monitoring System (CMS) is a cost effective, compact and rugged satellite based monitoring system for animal trapping. Designed specifically for the monitoring of bear and a wide range of endangered animal traps, the SkyHawk CMS alerts when a trap door closes, enabling faster response times to the captured animal. The SkyHawk CMS:


  • Response time to animal captures
  • Response time to reset trap after false closures
  • Accuracy of data through time & location (GPS) 


  • Fuel & vehicle utlization required to visit traps
  • Time spent manually surveying traps
  • Animal stress causing capture myopathy

 Key Features & Benefits

  • Used for:
    • Real-time live trapping notifications
    • 24/7 trap monitoring
    • Positional trapping data
    • And more!
  • Cost effective, easy to use and installs in minutes
  • Complete monitoring solution offering:
    • Satellite communication (works almost anywhere in the World)
    • Web based monitoring software
    • Alerts sent directly to mobile phones/devices (Email/SMS)
  • Real-time alerts, including:
    • Animal capture / system armed notification
    • Low battery warning
    • Device status (daily heartbeat message)
  • Timestamp & GPS position included in all alerts
  • Facilitates data logging & creation of custom reports (i.e. GIS data management)
  • No power supply required – multi-year battery (Replaceable)
  • Low monthly monitoring fee (per system)
  • Very low maintenance – limited user interaction required
  • Multiple cable extension units available

Animal Collar Monitoring allows you to monitor the location of an animal location, through the use of a satellite based GPS device. Contact us for more information!

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